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Dalian Climate


The zone’s annual average temperature is around 10℃. The hottest month is in Aug., with average temperature of 24℃. The maximum consecutive days that the daily maximum temperature greater than 30℃ are 10-12 days. The annual extreme maximum air temperature is around 35℃. The coldest month is in Jan., with average temperature of -4.5 to -6.0℃ in southern part and -0.7 to -9.5℃ in northern part. The annually extremely lowest temperature in south is around -21℃ and in north is around -24℃. The frost-free season is 180 - 200 days.


[Precipitation] The mean annual precipitation is between 550 - 950 millimeter, with an progressive increase from southwest to northeast. The 60% to 70% annual precipitation concentrate on summer in the form of intense fall, while spring takes up 12-15%, autumn 15-20% and winter around 5%. The maximum consecutive rain days are in July, reaching 12 days. The observed maximum daily precipitation is 569 millimeter (Xijiu Hydrometric Station, Tongyi Country, Xinjin County on July 27, 1981). The night rain is more frequent than daytime rain due to oceans infection, especially summer. Drought often occurs in spring. The number of drought years are more than flood years. The continuous drought or flood years are ordinary less than 3 years.


The zone lies in East Asian monsoon region. The high wind days with 6 level or above 6 level are 90-140 days off the coast and 35-50 days inland. The wind speed and the prevailing wind direction varies obviously along with reversal of season. Winter and Spring have more high wind days, while summer has less. The   maximum consecutive high wind days occur in winter, normally are 4-6 days. Northerly monsoons prevail in winter, southerly monsoons prevail in summer, and spring and autumn are season transition for south and north wind.


The zone’s mean annual sunshine duration is 2500-2900h and sunshine rate is 60%. The minimum sunshine duration is in winter, the maximum is in spring, and autumn is more than summer.

Dalian Tourism Festival Activities

March: Dalian Spring Festival Celebration of Fireworks and Crackers. There are varieties of activities, such as illumination ice sculpture exhibition, fireworks show, relish gourmet taste, flowers and bizarre stones sales exhibition, interesting amusement & unique technique and acrobatics & ballad etc, which are all favored by guests both home and abroad and Dalian residences. (January 2nd to 8th Chinese lunar calendar).

Late May: Dalian Sophora Japonica Appreciation Festival. Dalian is designated as the “Oriental City for Sophora Japonica” and every year, stunningly numerous people would come for a visit. Visitors can get a view of Sophora Japonica and can feel again the amusement to fly a kite. During May 23rd and 28th, Export Commodities Fair, Dalian, China would also be held.

The third Saturday of July to the third Saturday of Aug.: Dalian International Beach Culture Festival. The main activities are Frence style Week, Italy style Week, International Vehicle Cross-country Congress, Citizen Sand Sculpture Contest, Beach Star Concert, Beach Fitness and Body-building, T-shit Graffiti and Hip-hop Dance Competition. The main venue is based in Shili Gold Coast, Jinshitan National Holiday Resort.

August: Dalian International Beer Festival is held in August in Star Sea Square every summer jointly by CNLIC and the People’s Government of Dalian. The Beer Festival includes beer manufacturer booth show, beer disco square, beer culture exhibition, beer drinking contest, photo contest, beer industry summit and beer knowledge contest, etc.

Beginning of Sept.: Dalian International Costume Festival. A saying goes like this: “Gourmet in Guangzhou, Amusement in Shanghai and Costume in Dalian”. After reform and opening up, it goes like this: “Beijingers talk straight, and Dalianers dress boldly”, which means costume is one of the most beautiful business cards for Dalian. Dalian International Costume Festival that started in 1988 is called “Dalian Carnival” by foreign guests. It is a pageant of international economy and culture that integrates commerce and trade, culture and tourism. When famous people, VIP, celebrity models, sing stars and movie stars gather together and when the world art quintessence is on show, it is exceedingly lively. You can join in by purchasing entrance ticket to meet celebrities, appreciate the essence of art, and even do business.

The last Sunday of Oct.: Dalian International Marathon Race, like football, is a sport favored by Dalian people. Dalian is a famous “Town for Athletics” in China and home for many world champions. Since 1987, Dalian International Marathon Race has been held on the last Sunday of October every year, attracting more and more foreign marathon players to participate in. It is a represent item for Dalian sports tourism. In 1997, approved by IAAF, Dalian International Marathon Race has become an international game.