Investment In
High-tech Zone
Natural Environment

Dalian Hi-tech Zone is located in Coastal Tourism Belt of Lushun South Road between Dalian main urban area and Lushunkou District which has the reputation of having half of modern history. The zone relies on two university towns of Ling Water and Tahe Bay, combines environmental elements and urban space by making full use of natural environment, and builds brand-new spatial order and spatial pattern through connections among different functional zones.

There are blue sea and sky, picturesque scenery and a galaxy of advanced culture and talents in Dalian Hi-tech Zone. The zone won the nickname of “The Lung of Dalian” for its forest coverage over 60 percent. Near sea and hill, pleasant climate, beautiful environment and no chilly winter and hot summer here, the annual mean temperature in the zone is 10℃. Dragon King Pond and Sakura Garden, adjacent to the zone, are two of the most hottest tourist attractions in Dalian. The zone enjoys exceptional advantage of natural landscape and human resources. Surrounded by woods, close to sea, the zone has very high negative oxygen ion content.

Xiaoping Island scenic spot, situated in the zone, is awarded Top 10 Scenic Spots and City-level Marine Reserves by Dalian Tourist Administration. Xiaoping Island has coasts on three sides and a higher distribution of terrain in the south than the north. Its native vegetation coverage in the northern side is extremely high. The outstanding seascape in the south of the island is the focus of city attention. Surrounded by green hill and blue sea, Xiaoping Island boasts of peerless natural landscape and unparalleled coastal environment. Xiaoping Island, a treasured place, has been enjoying widespread renown for its shore business opportunity, tasted seafood and island tourism since the 16th century. Nowadays, it becomes a high-grade tourism scenic area, costal landscape and westward ecological green area under programmed by the government .