Bonded Center

Co-founded by DHTZ and Dalian Customs for software and service outsourcing industry, DHTZ International Service Outsourcing Bonded R&D and Testing Center (referred to as Bonded Center) is an internationally leading and highly innovative area with distinct characteristics for boned services. All the equipments and consumables used for R&D and testing purpose by enterprises settled in the center shall be entitled to enjoy bonded policies (including 20 kinds of commodities and consumables which are not normally tariff-free or relieved by the state). Meanwhile, customs clearance is swift as there is no need for enterprise qualification verification nor clearance guarantee. As the first International Service Outsourcing Bonded R&D and Testing Center in China, the center utilizes technological measures such as IOT and cloud computing via an advanced information fence to replace physical fence, and through innovative customs policies and a brand new supervision model, to create a highly efficient, convenient space with zero interference, addressing the need of software service outsourcing and embedded software development enterprises. Dalian Customs provides a “One-stop” clearance service of "center declaration, onsite inspection and swift release". At present, renowned enterprises such as Konica-Minolta, Toshiba Medical System, Toyota Tsusho, Panasonic, Omron, Oki, Xerox, etc had settled in the center. In 2014, Neusoft Hekou Software Park was formally included in the supervision area of the bonded center.